Cryptomapping Technology

Croowcoin operates on the state of the art and proprietary Cryptomapping technology. It offers top of the line security to every transaction made involving Croowcoin by way of highly encrypted code mapping algorithm which changes after each transaction leaving any chance of duplication or misuse.


1CRC= 0.60$


About Croowcoin

Croowcoin is a highly secured cryptocurrency — a digital, decentralized, secure payment method that is designed to keep its users' identity secret and can be sent between people over the internet.
Croowcoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency having a Bitcoin-like blockchain mechanism with additional stealth features. Croowcoin keeps in mind the original idea of cryptocurrency: a financial system owned by the users.
Highly secure and profitable, be assured that Croowcoin will keep your money safe and ensure that transaction fees are proportionate and not over whelming.

Main Features

Some of the major features of Croowcoin are listed below:


Set up behind Crypto Mapping Technology

Croowcoin operates on the state of the art and proprietary Cryptomapping technology. It offers one of the best security to every transaction made involving Croowcoin. The technology works this way:


Our Projects

Below listed are some of major initiatives by Croowcoin.

E-commerce Eco System

Plan is to create a complete E-commerce ecosystem wherein every aspect of the transaction is covered and part of Croowcoin umbrella, right from users to merchants.

Croowcoin Card

We plan to launch Croowcard on the same line of current Debit / Credit cards which will be linked to the Croow wallets and be accepted globally.


Marchant App/POS

Our aim is to promote Croowcoin as the currency of choice for merchants across the globe and thereby provide them with an app / POS terminal for acceptance of payment through Croowcoin.

Reward Program

Croowcoin will come up with a very rewarding bonus plans wherein there would be a huge incentive for any person to come and be a part of the Croowcoin ecosystem.

ICO Offering

Our ICO will be conducted in a total of 3 phases; releasing a total of 19 million Croowcoins with affiliate bonus. The modalities of each of the phases is given below:



  • Total ICO: 6,000,000
  • Gift Bonus: 50%
Sold Out

Sold Out



  • Total ICO: 6,000,000
  • Offer Bonus: 25%
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  • Total ICO: 5,000,000
  • Offer Bonus: 10%
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Up Coming

Investment Project

Many types of Investment Opportunities

Croowcoin offers one of the highest paying and efficient investment opportunity in the cryptocurrency market currently. There are different avenues of earning phenomenal income through Croowcoin, which are listed below:


Croowcoin Wallets

Comming soon...

Currently the best and safest way to keep your crypto assets safe is in e-wallets which are specifically designed to do just that. Introducing Croowcoin wallet which would be your one stop solution of your every need related to Croowcoin. Now transact easily and seamlessly with our state of the art Croowcoin wallet.

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